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PostSubject: RULES READ BEFORE YOU POST   Sun Jun 19, 2011 9:11 pm

the following post is about the rules on this forum.

1.) NO PORN. NONE! if i catch anyone posting that kind of crap on here you will get BANNED

2.) This Forum does not tolerate any discrimination on race, gender, or religon i find any one saying
hateful remarks based on everything from above you will get BANNED

3.) NO SPAMMING! NONE WHAT SO EVER! if i catch you the member spamming especially more than once you will GET BANNED!

4.) NO flamming Bryan Fury seriously if you don't like Bryan then why the hell did you bother to join this forum. if you don't like bryan this forum isn't for you.

5.) i get it we all have our likes and dislikes on this forum but can we please keep it civil and respect other opinions. Flamming other members or constint argueing will get you BANNED

6.) NO POLITICS ON THIS FORUM! Not even in the genral dissicussion thread politics are the No.1 cus of flame wars on forums and i WILL NOT TOLERATE any of that. so keep that shit were it belongs ELSEWERE.

7.) swearing is allowed however lets try to keep the languge tolerable. but yes curseing is permitted. as long as its not on another member.

8.) NO OFFENSIVE USERNAMES no usernames with pornographic, racesist, sexsist, religous or other offensive usernames are not allowed. YOU WILL GET BANNED FOR THAT!

failure to follow any of the above rules will get you PERMANETLY BANNED from fury portal.
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