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 TT2 Genral News + Updates

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PostSubject: TT2 Genral News + Updates   Sat Jun 18, 2011 9:14 am

well here it is.
Tekken Tag2 HD trailer

also TT2 won't hit consoles till 2012.

go figure lol!

also local arcades you better start demanding for an import. it really sucks USA arcades are this dead

i know i will be. once this comes out i'll see if we can get a cabnet in michigan. i'll do all that i can to help the tekken community grow. as well as th fighting community.

Thoughts On E3 TT2

also any other TT2 news i will keep you updated more to come soon! make sure to check Zaibatsu as this forum has yet to grow.
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TT2 Genral News + Updates
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